I’m an Artist, tells the story of the often hidden children of our times-students with learning disabilities. The film follows several junior and high school students with autism, Down syndrome, behavioral issues and other learning disabilities who collaborate with their dedicated art teacher to create artwork for their first big, professional art gallery exhibition. The documentary also offers an inside view into the lives of children with special needs by following them to their prom, field day and senior trip. The heart of the film lies with the students’ art teacher, Mary Jo, who displays unwavering enthusiasm for her students and helps them gain self-confidence, because with art, there are never any mistakes.

I’m an Artist premiered at the Breckenridge Film Festival in Colorado this past June, where it won the audience award. This was a rewarding experience for us as filmmakers, but more importantly, it signaled to us that audiences form a powerful connection to the students in this film and their dedicated teachers. Those who have seen the documentary have told us they are touched by its message: that students with learning disabilities, who struggle so often through school and life, can achieve more growth than most people believe possible. There is only 1 screening for the film, so please, don’t miss this inspiring and heartwarming documentary about one amazing teacher and some very gifted students who remind us of the endless potential and remarkable abilities of children with special needs.

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